Scientific Services

In the medical healthcare field, data (providing they are accurate and reliable) represent one of the basic ingredients on which to structure your marketing plan.

Data collection and analysis

An interesting tool for data collection is represented by surveys, which are often used for the evaluation of epidemiological or diagnostic-therapeutic aspects, but which can also prove to be useful to better understand subjective needs and perceptions. of a specific category (e.g. patients).

Our agency is able to support pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, doctors and healthcare facilities not only in the preparation of specific digital questionnaires, but also in the data collection process and in the statistical analysis of the acquired information, aimed at planning an effective marketing strategy.

Scientific writing and dissemination

Scientific writing represents one of the pillars of communication in the medical-healthcare sector, but also a strategic marketing goal in terms of increasing visibility.

In this context, our team of experts can support individual professionals and companies in the creation of editorial products aimed at different targets, but always having strict criteria for their contents: drafting of abstracts and creation of posters, writing of scientific articles, case reports, reviews, monographs, congress reports, as well as scientific translations.

What we do

  • Data collection
  • Scientific writing