Web Support

For doctors, healthcare facilities, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, a good website is undoubtedly the first business card and an excellent starting point for their marketing strategies, but simply being online is no longer enough. In order for a website to be efficient and effective over time, it must in fact be not only updated continuously, but also regularly subjected to assistance and maintenance activities that require time and, above all, very specific skills.

Our agency is able to provide you with the required assistance and support for the proper functioning of your website, including security updates, periodic backups, inclusion of new features as well as new contents and much more.

Key Word: customize

We also take care of hosting and registering your site’s domain, as well as installing dedicated plugins to enhance specific features and create an original and personalized website.

To this end, our consultancy and web analysis services also play a crucial role: periodic reports (users, most visited sections / topics, time spent, bounce rate, etc.) play a strategic role in the development of interventions more suitable for improving the content and usability of the website, thus maximizing the opportunities offered by your presence online.

What we do

  • Maintenance
  • Web analysis and consultancy
  • Dedicated plugins
  • Hosting
  • Websites themes and design