Social Media Marketing

A huge amount of users use social media on a daily basis to communicate experiences and information and exchange opinions, also and above all regarding health services.

Social media therefore represent a strategic tool for all players in the medical-health sector in order to increase their visibility, reach new users and consolidate their reputation.

Our team of experts works in synergy to develop a specific social media strategy for doctors, healthcare facilities, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies: from graphic design, to the creation and management of social pages, up to interactions management.

The value of contents

But medical-health communication certainly cannot ignore contents which, in this area more than in others, must be valid and of interest to users. For this reason, the close collaboration with our team will allow you to define an adequate strategy and a Social Media oriented editorial plan that includes not only the systematic and regular publication of relevant contents for your target, but also monitoring the effectiveness of these actions in achieving the pre-established objectives.

What we do

  • Social pages creation and management
  • Social Media oriented editorial plan
  • Pages and contents graphic design
  • Interactions management
  • Social campaigns strategy